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The Eudists- Partners with the Catholic Community Foundation

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Father Jean-Michel Amouriaux, Superior General of the Eudists, worldwide, preaches at Mass during his visit to San Diego in February 2019

SAN DIEGO – The Eudists – Congregation of Jesus & Mary have partnered with the Catholic Community Foundation of San Diego.  A Roman Catholic society of apostolic life, The Eudists are composed of priests, brothers, and lay associates.  Their founder St. John Eudes was known as the “Father, Doctor, and Apostle of the Liturgical Devotion of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary,” and his spirituality is firmly rooted in the love and mercy of God.

In 2016, The Eudists were one of the first organizations to transfer their congregation’s assets into the care of the Catholic Community Foundation.  The Recruitment and Education Trust was put into place to ensure adequate funding for current and future seminarians, and has provided much-needed funding for two Eudist seminarians currently attending seminary.

The Retirement and Community Assistance Fund’s purpose is to secure the future for elderly priests who have given their lives in service to Christ and His Church.  Although donors have been incredibly generous to date, the Retirement Fund is still less than 25% to what is needed for adequate care of their members.  Even well after retirement age, Eudist priests continue working to help support their community and share God’s mercy with His people.

The Eudists’ work focuses on evangelization and formation to ministry for both clergy and lay people, carried out within parishes, universities, and through media.  Recently, they have begun efforts to expand the writings of St. John Eudes in English and make them available by publishing them on Amazon.  In this way, they hope to spread Eudist spirituality to as many people as possible, enriching their lives.

The Eudists – Congregation of Jesus and Mary is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  Founded 375 years ago in France, they have been active in the Diocese of San Diego since 1976.  For additional details, please visit eudistusa.org.

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