Foundation Prayer

A Prayer to Be Generous Stewards

Almighty God, from the beginning of creation, you have filled the world with Your abundant blessings. May we never cease to thank You.

Lord Jesus, You came to teach us how to love one another and how to be good stewards of Your many gifts. You gave us new values by which to measure our lives. It is only by generously sharing ourselves and our God-given gifts that we find true joy and peace.

Help us to be a blessing for those we serve. Open our hearts so that we may fill the needs of our brothers and sisters. May all of our activities continue to build God’s kingdom on earth.

Holy Spirit, give us Your wisdom. Empower us with Your gifts and graces. Continue to guide us so that we can be an inspiration for all people to use their gifts, great and small, to bring Your peace and blessings to the world. May our efforts help to increase love in our community and make an impact now and in future generations.

When we have given all we have in Your name, may we rejoice in the riches stored for us in heaven which overflows with the goodness of Your love.

We ask these things through Christ our Lord.