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St. Pius X of Chula Vista

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St. Pius X is blessed to have generous parishioners and donors who helped establish two endowment funds through the Catholic Community Foundation of San Diego.

One point of pride for St. Pius X is the committed effort to establish a close bond of collaboration between the parish and the school. This collaboration takes a bit of effort but is mutually enriching. The pastor of St. Pius X – Fr. Jay Bananal – values this collaboration as an effective means for building-up the Catholic identity of the school. The mutual collaboration is evident in the weekly school Mass, First Friday Exposition and Benediction, weekly visits by the priests to the classrooms, school-led Masses each 3rd Sunday of the month, and “Faith in Action” activities like cleaning the church and making rosaries (just to name a few!). Similarly, the presence of the school children, their families and the teachers at Mass and parish events contributes to a family feel and youthfulness at the parish.

You might be wondering, “What do these endowment funds mean for St. Pius X?” Since over 70% of school families are parishioners, and because of a multi-generational community of parent and teacher alumni, the vision for the future is that these funds will continue St. Pius X’s mission to “restore all things in Christ” for generations to come. As these community members are empowered by transformative Catholic education, we hope they will go on to bear fruit that will last, not only in the local community, but throughout the world.

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